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At Studio Umi,

We make high-quality albums and panels.

The panel will be displayed on the wall of your home as interior art,

Always remember when the baby was born,

It will make your family memories even more beautiful.

An album that tightly collects the appearance that can only be seen now,

How much love and bond has your child received from their family since they grew up?

It will be a treasure that can be reconfirmed.

I will bring the real thing when shooting, so please actually pick it up,

You can think carefully.


​Studio Umi's album is
We carefully make each book according to the customer's request,
A high-quality album with a sophisticated design.

The cover is hard and has a matte texture, and the inside is made of special cardboard.

​ comes with a translucent cover.

Expand size and number of pages (width × height mm)

・B5 Square(186×186)

Compact and ideal for gifts size

16 pages ¥26,000


・A3 Square(266×266)

​You can also include life-size photos

16 pages ¥36,000


スクリーンショット 2021-12-28 21.43.46.png

All prices include tax.

​ About photo selection for the album

Customers can select the photos to be placed on the front and back covers of the album after shooting. ​

In the album, we will lay out the photos of all scenes in a well-balanced manner.

​ If you have any requests, such as "I want more family photos" or "I want to include a message for my child," please let me know.

Also, if you have footprints, you can put them in the album.

​Please let us know if you would like this.

​ You can also increase the number of pages by 2 pages. (3,000 yen per 2 pages, up to 6 pages can be added)


The surface of the panel has a hard and matte texture, and the inside is made of cushion material,
You can feel the softness somewhere in the dignity.
A stand is embedded in the main unit, so you can stand it upright or hang it on the wall using the hook hole on the back.
We offer a variety of sizes.

​A3-size panels can be made in life size.

Size development(width × height mm)

​ Vertical and horizontal can be selected.

​・30cm square  ¥15,000


・A5 ¥9,000


・A4 ¥10,000


・A4square  ¥12,000


・A3 ¥15,000


スクリーンショット 2021-12-28 21.44.06.png

All prices include tax.

For customers who have already taken pictures

Thank you for using Studio Umi.

Thank you very much.

For customers who have taken pictures before,

2 months after shooting

New purchases and additional purchases of albums and panels

It is possible.

​ "I want that photo panel",

"Grandpa, Grandma's

Add an album,” etc.

Please feel free to contact us.

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