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Studio Umi's Concept

Newborn photo to celebrate the birth of life

​Flickering forever.


Newborn photos are photographs taken during the neonatal period within the first two weeks of life.

When photographing newborns, their beauty evokes a sense of awe.

baby and space, happy and full.

Newborn photonever to return,It is an irreplaceable, once-in-a-lifetime photo that leaves a “now”.

Studio Umi is committed to"To make a new born photo that celebrates the birth of life into a beautiful art that can be touched by my child at that time."

Based on the concept of "enjoy decorating at home",Realizing high reproducibility that you can touch at any moment,

We create newborn photos as sophisticated art.

Newborn photo of Studio Umi,We don't just take pictures.

In order to take heart-pounding photos that bring out the beauty of your baby to the fullest,

Poses, composition, color scheme, lighting, coordination, etc.

We pursue quality one by one.

Decorate your home with Newborn Photo as interior art,

As your child grows, always remember the time when you were born in your family,

Your family will remember the sparkle and lovely memories of that time,

For grown children,Love and bond from family, own beauty and strengthI am active with the thought that I want you to reconfirm.

We are also particular about backgrounds and accessories for newborns, and use items carefully selected by photographer Kana Okuno.

And above all, we prioritize the safety of the baby.

We are also happy to take care of your baby, such as changing diapers, putting him to sleep, and milking your baby during the shoot.

​ Click here for Newborn Photo's safety and security initiatives.

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