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  • When should I book a Newborn Photo?
    Please make a reservation for newborn photos during the maternity period. Please let us know your expected date of birth and the location where you would like to be photographed. In the case of natural childbirth, the delivery date may be before or after the expected date. We have adopted a form that will be adjusted after receiving notification.
  • When is the best time to take newborn photos?
    Newborn photos are taken with a unique body shape wrapped around the baby, just like when it was in the womb. It is said that it is ideal to shoot within two and a half weeks after birth. After 2 weeks, the body becomes stiff due to growth, so it becomes difficult to pose unique to new born photos. Ideally, it is up to about 2 and a half weeks after birth, but it is possible to correspond with the Newborn Photo Plan for newborn babies who are 1 month old.
  • Is it possible to shoot at home?
    Studio Umi's shooting style is to visit your home or family on a business trip and shoot. Mothers who have just given birth and their newborn babies can take pictures without worrying about going out.
  • Is it possible to take pictures at the maternity hospital?
    It is still time to carefully check the condition of the baby in the hospital, and the visitation time during the hospitalization is limited, and it is necessary to match the schedule of the hospital such as temperature measurement, examination, bathing, etc. Therefore, we do not recommend taking pictures at a hospital because there are many cases where the taking and putting to sleep are interrupted. In addition, due to the influence of the coronavirus infection, we are currently not accepting filming at hospitals.
  • Can I borrow accessories for newborn photos?
    We will bring all the equipment and swaddles necessary for the Newborn Photo shoot. Accessories such as baskets and background blankets, hats and hair ornaments are available for both girls and boys. Small items with a simple taste carefully selected by Studio Umi. If you have your own accessories, we will be happy to take them with you.
  • What time of day would you recommend for shooting?
    In order to express the soft texture of the baby, it is recommended to shoot in the morning when the light comes in, as it uses the natural light that enters the room (using supplementary lighting).(If the room you are shooting in is dark, or if natural light cannot be seen due to bad weather, time of day, or shadows, we will set up the lighting for you.)
  • Can you take a picture with my family too?
    If you would like to take a picture with your family, we will be happy to take pictures with your family, such as mom and dad, grandma and grandpa. (Separate options are available for sibling photography.)
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